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Akermann Electronic BG become authorized distributor of Sauris GmbH

Sauris GmbH (based in Munich, Germany) is a designer, developer and manufacturer of Hardware development tools for TI digital signal processors and microcontrollers and application specific devices. Sauris designed tools for Texas Instruments C2000, Stellaris; C5000, C6000, OMAP, DaVinci and TMS470 MCU and DSP
Akermann Electronic BG become authorized distributor of ADEUNIS RF

Founded in 1993, ADEUNIS RF is the European leader specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of wireless radio transmission systems using the latest technology.
ADEUNIS RF uses its expertise to develop its own standard solutions and fully customisable ranges of products in sectors as diverse and varied as industry, energy, public transport, sport, medicalů

From May 31st 2013, many products embedding radio will become non-compliant !

Closely involved with the regulatory and standards aspects, ADEUNIS RF, since 2010, proposes products that meet the requirements of the EN 300-220 V2.3.1 (applicable on May 31st 2013).

Compliant Adeunis RF products : ARF868 radio modems, AMR radio modems, TWIMO modules, Narrow Band modules, Wireless M-Bus modules, new ARF19/27 modulesů

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Akermann is turning from LLC to Corporation

After long procedure "Akermann Electronic BG" LLC is transformed in Joint Stock Company. The "Akermann Electronic BG" JSC is full successor of the "Akermann Electronic BG" LLC.